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Tamborine Mountain is the type of place where art, creativity and crafts abound. It is a community that has attracted very original and extremely talented individuals for many decades and that is evident in the numerous art galleries, open studios, workshops and more that abound on the mountain.

Many love to visit Tamborine Mountain for this very reason. They might stay in a sunny Bed and Breakfast, book reservations in a superb but undiscovered restaurant and spend the day browsing art galleries, artisan’s workshops, craft markets and perhaps attend an exhibition or an artistic event such as The Open Studios.

But what if you could actually take part in all this creativity? What if you could learn to create what you admire? Wouldn’t that be satisfying?

On Tamborine Mountain you can. Whether you are a complete beginner or have some pre-existing skills, there are several skilled artisans, painters, photographers, calligraphers, sculptors, potters and more that would love to guide you as you explore a new hobby or revisit an old love.

Tamborine Mountain offers a great range of affordable courses, creative workshops and activities, and is the perfect place for you to explore creativity in its many forms. You will be amazed at how much fun and how rewarding these courses can be.

Whichever class or workshop you choose, you’re sure to create something inimitable, something special… an heirloom perhaps!

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What is Experience Tamborine Mountain all about?

Experience Tamborine Mountain is an eclectic collection of like-minded businesses that share a passion for the cool, sub-tropical rainforest paradise that lies near Queensland’s capital, Brisbane and behind the Gold Coast.

Using our specialist local knowledge and connections, we’ve carefully curated a varied menu of activities and experiences that will appeal to visitors’ diversity, tastes and aspirations. And, because one size does not necessarily fit all, we recognise the importance of also crafting tailored experiences for special interest individuals or groups.

The best takeaway from travelling is the stories you’ll have and the abiding memories of simple pleasures, of unplanned serendipitous moments, encounters with locals, and even life-altering learning.  We believe in the importance of sharing the little things with our visitors as well as the big ticket moments and look forward to helping you discover them so you’ll have your own stories to tell.

Tamborine Mountain – what to do and where to stay?

Mountain destinations translate to achingly beautiful scenery and views, crisp, clean air, a plethora of local wildlife and pristine forest, and Tamborine Mountain is no exception. Against this glorious backdrop exists a diverse and colourful cottage industry with numerous local artists and craftspeople, a variety of natural and man-made attractions, award-winning wineries, a vibrant cafe and restaurant scene, soft adventure for the thrill-seekers, festivals, special events and country markets.

These are all supported by a host of accommodation options including generous country homes that suit extended family or corporate groups, warm and welcoming B & Bs and intimate couples’ cottages.

What can Experience Tamborine Mountain offer you?

To truly experience and participate in the essence of this special place can be intimate, personal, challenging, exhilarating and even life-affirming. We can show you the main spots to take the pretty pictures, but more importantly, we can help you explore our back streets where you will create a personal connection with our mountain that will continue to touch you long after you leave.

Sometimes the simplest moments during a trip away can provide the greatest memories and experiences – it could be the taste of a new dish, lovingly prepared by a passionate champion of  regional produce; an encounter with a knowledgeable, generous winemaker who loves to share a yarn ; laughing with family as you play a board game at a sprawling farmhouse dining table; the sound of birdsong as you light a fire before breakfast; or simply slowing down and being in the moment, exploring the beauty of an ancient rainforest.

Explore our Experience Packages

Get to know our mountain by connecting to our history, our culture and our people – authentic experiences, uncontrived, sometimes simple, sometimes adrenalin-inducing; something literally for everyone. We have created these experiences for you, so you can now go and live them.

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