German Cuckoo Clocks Gallery Walk Tamborine MountainCrazy Cuckoo Clocks going off, a Castle bursting onto the street, alternative vibe up and down the street, and this is just one street bursting with activities – yes it may be the tourist strip of Tamborine Mountain but you will never be bored as you walk down one side of the famous Gallery Walk and then back along the other side.

No rush, wandering through shops, chatting with shop keepers, smiling at others enjoying the same idyllic wanderings. It’s a village with friendly faces, unusual shops and plenty of food fair to have you eating your way along the walk.

To a different pace, we sat watching people jump off the side of a mountain. As we sat at the Hang Gliders spot watching the gliders get their rigs ready, strap in and the run off into mid-air, it took our breath away. As the Gliders float elegantly through the morning sky you could only imagine the freedom, the peace they were experiencing. What a way to view the valley below and the range in the distance soaring higher than the birds, no words, no noise just simple peace and tranquillity.

With a feeling of one with nature, we wander down into Witches Falls National Park for a walk through rain forest to view the waterfall. I could have sat on the viewing platform yoga style and hummed, it was beautiful, it was peaceful, I could feel the wear and tear of a busy work week slipping away.

Back at Witches Falls Cottages, I could feel myself slipping in and out of consciousness as the massage therapist skilled hands worked out the last of the knots at the base of my neck. It had only been a few hours but I felt like I had been away for a week.

Hang Glider Soaring at Sunrise Tamborine Mountain
Running stream at Witches Falls National Park
Neck Massage to get the knots out at Tamborine Mountain