“One of our favourite things to do on Tamborine Mountain, whenever we have guests staying with us is to drop by our local butcher in Eagle Heights and pickup some of his amazing triple smoked ham and some chilli sauce. He smokes all his own meats in house – and they all taste amazing. We then walk a handful of steps to our local bakery. Somehow, tucked up on Tamborine Mountain, this little baker puts out some of the best sourdough around. Grab a few rolls, or a baguette – then we jump into the car ready for adventure.”

Items required for the rest of the day:
– Swimmers/Towel
– Drinking water
– Walking shoes
– Snacks (don’t forget the ham n baguette!)

Grab your friends and jump into the car. We’re heading to Beechmont, to visit Denham Reserve (** Unfortunately Lips Falls, one of our favourite swimming holes is currently closed). Turn on your map on your phone and enter Donncaster Drive, Beechmont, then enjoy the drive down the Goat Track, and through beautiful countryside. Once you arrive at the entrance to the walk (Signed as Denham Reserve), please respect Neighbours and wildlife by not leaving any rubbish or making excessive noise. Enjoy the walk! It’s pretty steep but manageable if you’re average fit.

After exploring Denham Reserver for a few hours, it’s probably time to head back up to the Mountain and relax. If it’s still early in the day, be sure to drop into the Brewery for a hard earned ale – or if it’s getting close to dinner, be sure to drop by Hickory for a feast.

colourful butterfly
wild mushrooms
Lips Falls Beechmont