Tamborine mountain is one of my favourite spots for some calm family time. Our day trip to the mountain is filled with amazing scenery on the drive up Tamborine-Oxenford road. The drive is not windy, and the sites just get greener by the mile.

Although people will point you towards Gallery Walk for any Tamborine Mountain fun, I’d urge you to drive a little further towards Main Street. That area is a bit of a hidden gem with far less tourists and traffic.

Get to the mountain around 10 am means that there’s a lot of time for a lovely morning coffee at one of many great coffee shops around that area. I personally love buying a coffee in a take away cup and then leading the family down for a swift bushwalk down to Curtis falls to enjoy the amazing rain forests and get to the wonderful waterfall.

For lunch, grab fish and chips from the Cod Father and make the short walk to the facing park where kids can play on the swings while enjoying some great food. Don’t forget to grab desert, the Cod Father stock some amazing ice cream sandwiches that are guaranteed to make everyone’s day.

Drive further up to Geissman park to enjoy the massive soccer field among the trees. It’s normally empty and provides an excellent space for kids to run around, throw a Frisbee or a soccer ball in for a laugh!

Main Street Tamborine Mountain
Kids playing soccer in the park
Kids playing with frisbee in the park