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Tamborine Mountain has a diverse range of options when it comes to wining and dining, especially when you consider its small size. Far from basic, we don’t abide by large corporations seeking to homogenise everything. Many of our restaurants and wineries are even built with unique designs; no one is afraid of standing out. Have you ever been to a distillery constructed like a castle or an Elizabethan-style building? This is what makes the mountain stand out from the rest.

Starting off with your morning coffee, the mountain not only has many cafés, but also its own coffee plantation! Yes, globalisation doesn’t even have to be involved in your coffee here. Tamborine Mountain Coffee Plantation grows, roasts and blends their products on-site, which you can take home too.

As for dining, there is a diverse range of options on the mountain, particularly for a small town. How about a traditional British or Irish pub? Or perhaps you prefer the spices and rich flavours of Mexican or Indian food. There’s even a Dutch café and a restaurant offering traditional Polish food and beers. Not many Australian cities can say that they have that much culinary diversity and choice.

If you have certain dietary requirements, you still aren’t limited in your choices. There are plenty of establishments with gluten-free and vegetarian meals that go beyond garden salads or sandwiches with gluten-free bread. Remember to look beyond the main streets, as there are quite a few hidden gems around corners and secluded within the trees.

Many restaurants and some accommodation facilities are also part of Eat Local Scenic Rim, a collective that aims to support local farmers by purchasing their produce instead of buying from nationwide suppliers.

With our Harvest Trail Map and farmer’s markets, you can meet local growers and see what they have to offer too. The Tamborine Mountain Country Markets opens on the second Sunday of every month at the showgrounds, where you can find a range of fresh fruit, vegetables, cheese and other locally produced goods.

The Green Shed Market opens every Sunday 7am thru 12 noon at the showgrounds, offering freshly picked, seasonal, certified and non-certified organic fruit and vegetables, fresh breads, as well as honey, coffee, jams, preserves, chilled kefir, herbs and plants.

If you would like to take something edible home as a gift or souvenir for yourself, Tamborine Mountain has a wide variety of choices. Handmade fudge or chocolate seems to be our specialty, with several thriving businesses stocking unique ranges of flavours. Fudge is much denser and richer than chocolate, so you don’t need large quantities.

Our distilleries also sell wines and liqueurs (some in artistically hand-painted bottles) that you just don’t see in large chain stores, such as mango wine and musk stick liqueur. You can take cocktail and gin classes to learn how to use them and impress your friends. If you don’t drink alcohol but like to spread jam on your toast, how about lychee, dragonfruit or purple carrot jam? Yes, one of our distilleries sells jam too!

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