"a basket is never empty it can hold your dreams your wishes or your odd socks…”

Artwork inspired by the magic of nature.

I thoroughly enjoy being creative. I love the challenge of visualizing an idea and then bringing it to life in the form of a basket, sculpture, bag, journal, anything really.

The ability and opportunity to venture off the track and explore new ideas and experiment with discarded rainforest debris. To see and feel nature and preserve parts that would normally disintegrate and dissolve. It’s a meditation, a way out of the normal routine, a way out of the day to day ‘have to do stuff’ of life.

I love exploring nature, as there is so much to see in the bark of a tree, the patterns that form and the way the branches decide to grow. I attempt to interpret a story of nature and share the beauty of the secrets it holds.

A variety of natural products utilized in my artwork include pure wool felt, genuine crystals and gemstones, plant materials, fibres and seeds, clay, natural dyes and colorants.

Each piece is designed and created in an outdoor garden studio. Materials are gathered from the nearby forest and scattered through out the garden. In the cooler months pieces are created in doors by the fire overlooking the garden for inspiration.

Basket making workshops are held on a regular basis and teach a variety of techniques to both adults and children. These are held in the studio or on locations such as at Schools, Community Gardens and Community Groups.

Commissioned Artwork is most welcome. Previous pieces have included woven lampshades, display boards and event pieces. Selected artwork can be viewed at local markets and studio open days.

I aim to learn new skills and to share those especially with children, getting them back into nature and far away from their screens.

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The Artroom was my favorite place at school as here I could escape, imagine and create. There were no rules here, only inspiration. I loved this place. I remember seeing cane at the very top of the Artroom cupboard, so high up that I would have to climb the shelves to reach it. This place was gold, filled with colors and textures and an abundance of STUFF to create with.

Cindy Wood - Basket Weaving

‘Miss, can we make baskets today?’ was a constant question of mine. She would never say no, just respond with a maybe and then distract me with the day’s fabulous adventure.

I was fortunate enough to set up my fairy stall next to a basket weaver one day. About 25 years ago my weaving adventure began. My first basket was made from a local native vine loaded with character and its own story of twists and turns. Now I include almost anything that can bend to weave my stories and help teach others weave their own stories too.

I am a creatrix of many and master of some. Yet the earthly abundance of nature and the inspiration it has to offer is what drives and inspires me to create. Spending days on a deserted beach, hours in the forest by the creek or in an old farm shed filled with old mans junk is where I’d prefer to spend my time. Making, creating, imagining and escaping. There are no rules here either. Just the magic and inspiration of nature and all she has to offer.

“a basket is never empty…it can hold your dreams, your wishes, or your odd socks…”

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