Ciao! My name is Marisa Parker. I am the middle daughter of Italian parents, Eugenio Piergiovanni and Maria Martore. Despite a thirteen-year age gap between them, my parents were adventurers and always looked on the bright side of life.

Head Shot Marisa Parker AuthorI’ve recounted their story in two books (both award-winning).

The first, is GOODBYE TO Italia (2016), and tells of their diverse and courageous experiences during the dreadful World War 2 years, in Italy and Africa.

The second, Ciao! WE’RE IN AFRICA (2018), follows my parents, once they marry and decide to risk everything, by leaving Italy for Africa.

I currently live in the Gold Coast Hinterland, Australia with my husband. We have two grown up daughters who were born in Zimbabwe (Rhodesia), the land of my birth. I completed a master’s degree in project management (2012) and just recently, a diploma in Editing and Publishing.

I welcome enquiries about ghost writing, manuscript appraisals and proofreading.

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Marisa’s Books..

Book Cover of Goodbye to Italia GOODBYE TO Italia (2016) – 248pp; RRP: $19.95; eBook: Yes

A pretty little Italian girl skips outside to peer up at the unexpected drone of aeroplanes, unaware of the danger, as her neighbour, an eccentric opera singer, fervently prays for her teenage son. It is the start of World War II.

An age difference of thirteen years separates the little girl Mariolina Martore and the army officer Eugenio Piergiovanni, but their lives are destined to intertwine.

GOODBYE TO Italia is an award-winning non-fiction romantic story of Italian drama, courage and humour. So as to stay true to the retelling by my mamma and papa, and to capture the essence of living through those times, the chapters in the first half of the book interchange between the two diverse characters, Mariolina and Eugenio, as they come of age.

2018 Readers Favorite Annual Bronze Award (non-fiction, biography)- 1
2017: Readers Favorite (5-star awards from 5 reviewers)- 2, indieBRAG Medallion Honoree – 3
and International Rubery Book Award Shortlist (non-fiction) – 4

Book Cover Ciao Were In Africa Ciao! WE’RE IN AFRICA (2018) – 276pp; RRP: $24.95; eBook: Yes

I was born Maria Martore in 1934. But I have been renamed Iucci by my husband Eugenio Piergiovanni. He is thirteen years my senior, is fluent in three languages and is a charismatic businessman.

We have left Italy and the only family I have ever known to go to Africa seeking adventure and fortune. I keep thinking – Is Africa really going to be that welcoming? Is my husband’s dream of selling Haute Couture to expatriates ridiculous?

Based on true events, and through the writing skills of her author daughter, Maria-Iucci’s story, is narrated as a memory, as if living in the moment.

Coinciding historical event timelines have been carefully researched and evocative photographs included.

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