At Fortitude Brewing, we’re pretty old fashioned. Fortitude stands for honesty, integrity, courage and determination. We look for it in our leaders, soldiers and sportspeople, our partners, our friends and most importantly in ourselves. We want to know that someone is reliable, in it for the long haul. We want to deliver you the same values in beer. Honest, reliable, always there for you.

Who knows exactly when Ged first decided he wanted to start a brewery. Lets face it – who hasn’t pondered the idea of opening a bar, owning a pub or working at a brewery? Whenever it was, it was certainly well before he and former school mate, Jim, won a Quaddie at the track one Saturday afternoon and decided to invest in a 50L Braumeister pilot brew system. All that aside, Fortitude Brewing wasn’t truly established until 2012, when experienced Head Brewer, Ian, joined the team and we got stuck into building a business together.

We operate from the top of Mount Tamborine, in the Gold Coast Hinterland – an idyllic place that allows us to brew fresh, clean beers with character. Beers made with premium ingredients and integrity. No gimmicks. No shortcuts.

We brew beers under two labels: Fortitude and Noisy Minor. Why two labels? At first, we simply liked both the names and couldn’t decide which one to start up with. Fortitude was always about dependable session beers that could be enjoyed with mates, lovers and laughter. As it turned out, having the Noisy Minor label offered us the opportunity to indulge the creative and noisy side in all of us. The Noisy Miner bird is endemic to our region and where we have grown up. Like the bird, these beers are loud, aggressive and sometimes downright crazy and happy to take on bigger rivals. Yet for all the creativity, they retain the same core values of Fortitude – drinkability, reliability and honesty.

For all the chat we could have about our location and our beers – nothing inspires us more than working with our team of good people. People with FORTITUDE.

In Cerevisia Fortitudo – In Beer is Strength