Monique Quarantini has been a potter and artist for over 30 years. Monique’s medium is clay and porcelain.

Monique is a potter and artist. She is inspired by poetry, the local wildlife, the mountain and its creative legacy, but is always searching for her own songlines. Her work reflects her skill in both ceramics and drawing, which she combines to create small and large scale pieces of extraordinary delicacy that are both beautiful, functional, expressive and energetic.

Monique’s converted dairy studio is truly worth visiting (by appointment only). The studio still shows evidence of its humble origins, but the rustic charm is now augmented by creative touches, like Khalil Gibrhan poetry adorning the walls; a chandelier that casts a warm glow over shelves bursting with her completed and unfinished ceramics; drawings, easels, a potters wheel and kiln.

It is nestled at the back of an avocado orchard, alive with the soundtrack of bird song and local wildlife.

Drawing on her surroundings to create pieces that tell the story of a spiritual connection to place, which invokes a sense of tranquility in the viewer.

Loving the immediacy of working with charcoal on paper, Monique creates large works, which are expressive and energetic, allowing her Song lines to tell her story.

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Monique Quarantini

Location * By appointment only * 45b Bartle Rooad Tamborine Mountain QLD 4272 Phone: +61 0473 971 119